Golf Clubs

Rosemère Golf Club
5 visits per year (including golf)
Hillsdale Golf Club 
Access based on availability for golf,
Clubhouse and dining facilities.
Country Club of Montreal
6 visits per year (3 can include golf)
Other Montreal Clubs

Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club
Unlimited visits during summer; 10 visits rest of the
year; access to adult sail program.
The Forest & Stream Club
10 visits per year.
Health Partners

Free physical evaluation.
No file opening fee.
Access to small gym!
First class is free; 15% discount
on membership.
Discount of up to 50% in certain services.
Hotel Partners

Discounted rates. Discounted rates. Discounted rates.
Other Partners

Member's rates for events. Member's rates for events.
20% discount on purchases.  

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