Political Speakers' Series with Club member Kimon Valaskakis for a presentation on

Political Speakers' Series with Kimon Valaskakis

Tuesday, May 26

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Cocktail begins at 5 p.m. and the presentation at 5:45 p.m.

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Location: The University Club of Montreal - 2047 Mansfield Street
REINVENTING THE ‘WEST’: A Global Imperative?
The Geographical West (basically the Europe-Americas Region) accounts for half the world economy. The Western Model which extends beyond the Geographical West includes various versions of capitalism, democracy, socialism (also a Western invention), the rule of law, the secular state, the ‘Westphalian’ sovereignty system etc. 
In fact, the Western Model is presently the dominant world system. 
It is now in need of ‘reinvention’. Although it has contributed to the positive development of modern civilization, it is currently beset by structural crises which must be dealt with. These include socioeconomic challenges such as inequality and unemployment, governance issues (role of the state and dysfunctional democracy) and new values and identity. In addition, external threats (Isis, Russia), climate change and internal fragmentation (separatism, etc.) make such a reinvention not only a regional but a global imperative. 
Dr. Valaskakis will outline both the urgency of such a reinvention and how it can be brought about.
Overall, Dr. Valaskakis has pursued four converging career paths. He has been an academic, an executive, a consultant and a diplomat. Holding a Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University and a French law degree, his academic career has encompassed 30 years of teaching at the University of Montreal and other universities in Canada and in Europe. As an executive, he has headed the GAMMA INSTITUTE, an international think tank, specialized in forecasting and planning studies and has directed major research projects for Canadian governments and for international organizations, in addition to his executive responsibilities as Canadian ambassador. His consulting experience involved being the Chairman of ISOGROUP CONSULTANTS an international strategy firm
preparing strategic plans for major multinational firms. Finally his diplomatic experience has centered on his position as Canadian ambassador and the spin-off activities it has generated.

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