Mentorship: Three important programs

At the University Club, we are pleased to offer three distinct mentorship opportunities, uniquely for members.  

Mentor's dinners
Approximately six time yearly, the mentor's dinners gather at one table a mentor with a maximum of 19 participants. Priority reservation to our Intermediate and Junior members. Open to all membes ten days prior and to guests 48 hours before the event. 

Women's mentor's dinners
These dinners welcome a female mentor with female only participants. 

Launch of the mentorship program
The Programme Committee is very pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the University Club Mentorship Program. Our goal is create a unique opportunity to bring together within the Club members of different accomplishments, ages, and talents. Through this programme, younger members will be given access to the knowledge and experience of some of the most accomplished people in Montreal, thus providing them with new tools to help develop their careers and further their personal development; and give our more accomplished members the satisfaction of sharing their knowledge and experience, and of making a meaningful difference in the life of a fellow member. 
Please get ready to join us in this new and unique opportunity - as a Mentor to share with us your experiences, talents and knowledge - and as a Mentoree, to enjoy your Club as an environment in which to grow and thrive.

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