Our partner: La Maison ISHI

Need a gift? A gif certificate from La Maison Ishi paired with a membership at the Club is a perfect gift. La Maison Ishi is a spa that offers high performance care by therapists. Our partnership provides access to a corporate card entitling up to 50% off certain services for members of the Club. A great reason to join the Club as an Associate member. Visit La Maison ISHI at http://lamaisonishi.com. 
Associate membership: $349 per year
Maison Ishi offers:
A corporate VIP card for members only with:
· 50% rebate on certain services on Tuesday and Wednesday
· 20% rebate on certain services on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Contact Julia Kampis to register your spouse as an Associate member and get her VIP Maison Ishi card.

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