The military category

The University Club of Montreal is proud to support our troops in the Canadian Armed Forces with the creation of a category of membership just for you: the military category. 


To whom does the new category apply?

“Military member” applies to a person eligible for Ordinary membership who is currently employed by the Canadian Armed Forces. Personnel may belong to either the Regular Force or the Reserve Force as Primary Reserve, Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service, or the Canadian Rangers. Military membership will also be extended to exchange officers attached to the Canadian Armed Forces and retired personnel who are members of the Treble Victor Group.

What are the benefits of membership?

It is our pleasure to offer these great services to our members. 

•    Assistance in organizing your private events in our many rooms;
•    The Club events - a social calendar including our Military speakers’ series at which we have had the pleasure recently to welcome : Brigadier general Stéphane Lafaut, Commodore Marta Mulkins, Rear admiral Gilles Couturier, Captain Christophe Balducchi et war zone journalists Benoit Suire and Michel Cormier; 
•    Mentorship program;
•    Networking activities;
•    Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to p.m.;
•    Bar;
•    Sommelier with experience;
•    Private terrace during the summer on Mansfield Street;
•    Library with a pool table and big-screen TV;
•    Parking and access to the underground city;
•    The Members' Round Table for members having lunch alone;
•    Business center;
•    WiFi
•    Menu for take away and possibility of hiring staff;
•    Your private cellar at the Club;
•    A network of more than 135 reciprocal clubs in 25 countries;
•    Our partners: other Montreal clubs, golf clubs, health partners, hotels and more;
•    Our hotel partners;
•    Concierge service;
•    The occasion to sponsor your friends and colleagues for their special events;
•    Access to a members' only website with a networking section;
•    A window in the members' only website to share your service offerings;
•    A dedicated service personnel.

Download here “The Club in 2016” for an update on the Club this year and download here a summary of this new category of membership

What are the fees?

In recognition for the service done by our Canadian Armed Forces personnel and their frequent travel, reduced annual dues and entrance fees will apply, in the amount of $1,000 each. Payment options are available. 

What proof must be submitted?

Proof of rank and status must be provided. The University Club of Montreal reserves the right to validate the credentials of any applicant to ensure the criteria for membership are met.

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