Kimon Valaskakis at the University Club of Montreal

Distinguished speaker Kimon Valaskakis will be joining us on October 22nd for a discussion on the world’s economy and its management. 

The conventional assumption which underlies public policy in most Western countries is that we are faced with a new scarcity, insufficient production, low growth etc. Many alarmists will even claim that the world is going broke and that we must tighten our belts and accept poverty as the new normal. Austerity, spending cuts, lower consumption are then advocated to resolve this problem.
In a direct challenge to this view, Kimon Valaskakis, Professor of Economics, futurist and former Canadian Ambassador to the OECD, argues the very opposite. The World is not going broke. It is seriously mismanaged.
Described by The Economist as one of Canada’s most perceptive thinkers, Ambassador Valaskakis is a former Ambassador of Canada to the OECD and is a professor of economics EME at the University of Montreal. He is now President of the New School of Athens Global Governance Group, a 21st century version of Plato’s Academy as a contemporary think-tank plus do-tank (analysis leading to action).
The presentation by Ambassador Valaskakis is based on his new book, "Buffets and Breadlines, Is the World Really Broke or  Grossly Mismanaged?".

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