Ten great reasons to become a member of the Club :

  1. You are joining one of the most prestigious private City Clubs in the country with more than 100 years of history. 
  2. Our Club is exclusive, but affordable.
  3. Our Club offers excellent opportunities to network with a sense of collegiality and belonging.
  4. We have reciprocal agreements with over 135 private clubs around the world in 25 countries, as well as partnerships with clubs in Montreal, select golf clubs, health partners, hotel partners and more. 
  5. Fantastic activities, ranging from wine tasting, speaker luncheons and dinners, gourmet and designer dinners, theme dinners and family oriented events are regularly held at the Club. An annual traditional Christmas dinner, children’s Christmas party, and Mother’s Day Brunch are also offered.
  6. The Club is in an ideal downtown location for business and shopping, with direct access to Montreal’s underground city.
  7. We offer members the possibility of joining one of the 12 committees and ad hoc committees and being part of the decision-making process. 
  8. A unique and beautiful art collection is displayed throughout the Club.
  9. The Club provides a number of private rooms that are excellent venues to hold business events, or private events with friends and family. We also offer access to three hotels partners to your out-of-town guests 
  10. Outstanding gastronomy coupled with professional service is provided in the Club’s two dining venues and in the private rooms.

We would be honoured to welcome you as a member of our Club. Enjoy the many benefits listed above and become part of a group as distinguished and unique as you.
To arrange a visit, contact:

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Membership and Marketing Manager

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514-288-0201 ext. 258

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