Gourmet Dinners

We offer you at all times a high-end gastronomic experience.
- A five course gourmet menu signed Chef David Capel.
- A wine or scotch pairing chosen by our sommelier.
- You can also choose to pair the menu with wines from your private cellar. Our  sommelier will be pleased to counsel you. 
- White glove service is assured.
- A particular attention will be places on the presentation.
- Upon 24 hour reservation.

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Published on November 16th, 2015

Hello Chef Capel,

Back in Normandy, I would like to congratulate you once again for the excellent Calvados dinner that you served us at the University Club of Montreal.

I frequently attend Calvados dinners with Normandy inspired main courses consisting usually of a fish or white meat and a cream sauce. I must say that your lamb tagine with figs and spices paired with Calvados Christian Drouin Coeur de Lion was truly remarkable!

If you have plans for a trip to France, do not hesitate to visit us, my wife would love to know more about the ingredients in this recipe.

Best regards,
Christian Drouin

               Christian Drouin


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1 November 2014

"Last week, my spouse and I came for a "date night" to the Club and tried the Menu degustation for the first time.  It was a fantastic evening -- and not only because we get out too seldom without the kids! Each of the 5 courses is delicious.  We had the wine pairings, but the oyster gratinée with smoked duck makes me think that it really needs to be tried twice, so that we can also try the scotch pairings.  The beef was delicious and the slab of foie gras on top just (quite) a bit decadent.  Robert [our Wine and Food manager] has pulled out some precious bottles from the corner of the cellar, which are a treat, including a 2000 Pomerol with the main course. At $110 per person, you could not get a better meal -- and all in the beautiful surroundings of our clubhouse."

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