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Welcome to our site and thank you for your interest in the University Club of Montreal. 

Our members hold dear that the Club is their home away from home in the heart of Montreal, their oasis amid hectic lives to dine, converse and breathe. Whether relaxing in the congenial and historic Leacock Lounge or engaging in friendly banter at the members’ round table, our members share in their appreciation of wine, scotch, good food and collegiality,  and the occasional intellectual pursuit. Membership remains today, as it was more than 100 years ago at our foundation, by invitation. 

Our founders created a private Club where the intellectually curious get together to have fun, share, learn and grow. Our members hail from diverse backgrounds which further enhances the culture exchange. With our panoply of entertaining and interesting guest speakers and unique events, that have enhanced our reputation for many decades, our members have their haven.

Join the Club. Be part of our history. We hold high our Club. We invite you to explore our past and write the future with us.
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